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Presidential conflicts of interest. Interpret the law more wisely. Reargue old assumptions..

 Congress. Get on your horse. You. Now.
Presidential conflicts of interest. Laws are arguable.
Update: Jeff Paul Mitch. Think America.

 How to press legal, equitable and ethics issues in presidential conflicts of interest, which are capable of repetition, yet evade review for any concrete, particular example. Our law requires actual cases and controversies, and one that does not stay around long enougn to litigate, or otherwisefades by passage of time (the sales contract was completed, and then resold), or replacement, may not meet the definition, see  Are we left with mere gamesmanship, whack-a-mole? No. Pursue diligently. Pregnancy was one such issue. The Supreme Court heard it anyway, see

A better route is Congress. There is a clear gap in the law, exempting the President from attacks based on conflict of interest, self-enrichment by mean of office (personal kleptocratic behavior), apparently. Has that really been argued, with vigor and tenacity?  Not at first look. So, Congress, change the law.  See

Will this Congress do it?  Possibly, with enough pressure and Mar-a-Lago type egregiousness, see 

On the other hand, why get on that horse if you might actually have to put nation ahead of party.  Perish the thought.

1.  Moot. In legal terms, it means generally that there will be no review because the issue has faded with passage of time or agreements, or other reasons.  Nobody has a stake it in any more.  The case is now just a hypothetical. Like pregnancy.  This one peaks at the birth, so do actions triggered by situations before that birth fade? No -- situation recurrent, but evading review for good reason, so hear it now.
  • Where a specific fact situation may have faded, yet recurs as a situation encountered by others, and each such case will be shot down unless somebody addresses the genre, exceptions to "mootness" are available.   See three exceptions to the fatal mootness:  at  Recurrent, yet incapable of review.  No mootness will arise.
2.  Applicatioins.  Officials who engage in many, many questionable acts in many, many places, love mootness. Can't catch me, said the little gingerbread man. Find that and other saucy runaways from authority at the runaway pancake series, at 

3.  Apply to presidents, presidents-elect, other elected officials. If too much is happening in economic empires, deals and more deals, for news and watchdogs to keep track, how to use courts to review when it is over by the time of filing.

Use the good side of mootness: It will not be moot, evade review, if the situation as generic recurs.

 Recurrent, but evading review, because the particular stakes can be sold off just in time.

4.  The solution is to press the issue. Collect similar situations. How to act against Presidential conflicts of interest in specific acts by the boys to further the brand?  Sounds good, but like a wet kite, will not fly, Why? Because we have Three Blind Mice at the helm, at the Gate:  Mitch, Paul and Jeff. And they will not act to challenge their personal piper, the President, and so hurt the party, in order to serve the nation.  Selah. 

Trump Doctrine. Autonomy deprivation. Does it keep workers as serfs, broadly. Trump learned Russia's lesson well.

Trump Doctrine. Deprive of autonomy.
Dictate, deprive, deceive.
Dictate, with penalty for disloyalty, disagreement.
Deprive people of tools for autonomy..
Deceive as to intention to put needs of ordinary people over corporate interests.

Update:  Zbigniew Brzezinsky, and Paul Wasserman, New York Times op-ed, Why the World Needs a Trump Doctrine.  Here, they have it.  Not what was wanted, but the de facto Trump Doctrine so far.  Further documentation:  Manipulation of law to try to cover unconstitutional "strict liability" in immigration, see, Unconstitionality of applying strict liability, absent demonstrated exigent circumstances and other administrative exceptions, to broad immigration issues. 

1.  Working class in name, serfs in reality. Is that so? How did we get here?

To be autonomous, people need mobility, education, health, enough over sustenance to acquire assets.

 In our own history, this was a goal for the downtrodden, and required a blend of giveaway, starter funding, and ready markets.

  • Look at the freebies that underscored the rise of Plymouth Plantation -- It was not enough to declare something like 'from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.'  That early experiment in a strict form of socialism failed.
  • Instead, Plymouth gave, yes gave, seed assets away. 

2.  Can that be done again.

Yes, but ideological adjustments are in order, given longstanding vilification of the idea in Republican circles, without apparently looking at our own history. Anything "free" has been demonized, except if received by the ethnic-economic elect. Those freebies only applied to the ones who got inheritances, breaks, could change their names and "pass" -- and so on, as with Donald Drumpf  now Trump; Rush Limbach now Limbaugh/  Other races and workers who could or did not pass in time, exploited.

Is out system really fostering serfhood in the modern day, a status reality behind the words.

II.  Serfs:  Kept tied to the land, the estates on which they were born, taxed to bare sustenance level, virtual slavery for many, rights of nobles and other landed to go after them, bring them back. It took years to get them freed in name. Are they freed in reality.  Look at the income disparity there, and answer your own question. See

  • PBS and the arts are, curiously, one of the resources for self-education that we have, and it is on the chopping block of the Trump Doctrine.  See
  • Combine that with privatizing education, underfunding or nonfunding of public education, and no internet subsidies, and how can people educate themselves.  
  • Trump just wiggles his little fingers and leaves the stage.

III. The Trump Doctine.  The Trump Doctrine today takes away any idea at any stage of a nation's development where there are gross disparities in economics based not on merit, but on tax and cultural breaks over time for the wealthier.  This is not to suggest a socialist from each according to ability, and to each according to need, to the exclusion of personal acquisition; but Trumpism undercuts the ability of the workers and those unable to work to get ahead.

  • Trump looks at low wages, defunct jobs in transportation-stagnant areas and outside, but without meaningful retraining, fostering finding new employment, in a different sustainable industry for example. 
  • The Trump Doctrine does its dance and says, Watch me now (whoomp whoomp.  I'll make you jobs. (wVhoomp whoomp).

    • But at what wage, what opportunity. What pollution of the environment where we all live and work. What food safety. Work!  Work! it will be so wonderful. 
      • Russia in 1905, Bloody Sunday, refused to recognize basic needs of workers, resulting in long term upheaval, start with; and Russia's Age of Serfdom 164-1861.

IV  Trump Doctrine Constituency conundrum.  Add that to the content.

Not only leadership failure to coalesce, failure to plan, failure to vet and provide time for candidates to provide financial information, but topheavy-all-rich-self-interested-profiteers.  See

The message to workers should be clear, but isn't

  •  By its actions, cabinet barely functioning to date and ongoing vacancies and vacillations, and targeting the tools of advancement to cut people off, it appears that Mr. Trump's wealthy constituency prefers serfs instead of autonomous citizens well able to manage their own affairs, if Trump and other forces would lift the foot. 
    • Conundrum.  Workers who can go nowhere, stay sick, ignorant, off the internet, any route to real competition. Mr. Trump's working class constituency should be appalled, but stay lured by the idea of jobs. What kind. What future. What participation. Mr. Trump wiggles his fingers and leaves the stage. How will he reconcile that, once the working people realize everything is going to the top.
      • Mr. Trump, any group seeking a better life needs as a start what Plymouth offered. 
        • Seed resources. Tools and means to acquire.
        • Sustenance to tide over, or for the unable, to live a dignified life. Value productivity, in the form of transportation, good wages, good health, opportunity to set aside, child care these days, adult education, all out of the grasping hands of the private sector at that point.
    • Government programs for transportation, infrastructure, education, health.
    • Place for private sector in basic needs areas:  Only when people have the chance to get away from them and their profit-seeking.  Base line through government.
      • The Trump Doctrine. Unbridled exploitation.

V.  The place for capitalism. Not for the enforcement of serfdoms.

Let the private sector make money off people once they are at basic sustenance, education, mobility, health.  And have the educational and practical ability to get away from the capitalists. Not before. No ripping off payday loanees, seekers of reasonable mortgages. Build in performance requirements over time, not lying in wait and then foreclosing.

Voting: Government can set up storefronts, walk-in vans for getting ID's. Talk about basics for civic participation.

In other words, no unbridled capitalism. No unbridled exploitation.

Regulations  for safety and environment, that protect health, safe food, make the profiting sustainable and non-exploitive. Nice list. Send it to the T. You can find him in front of a camera, not listening.

Jobs? How about government services like post office -- let it be competitive. Another topic. Privatizing for basics, essentials, is exploitive.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lost chord. Fishcakes. Breathe. A day without politics. In. Out. Taste. Life lives.

Lost Chords of fishcakes.
Can serious minds, concerned with current politics,
With world future, step aside for the mundane.

Is peace of mind occasionally in reach, but only with conscious effort.
Opportunities may never be repeated. Jump when you can. 

Glorious fishcake!
Combined once. Heaven appears.
Ingest, slowly. Ommmmm. *
* Caretaker spins about:  Emergency fridge, frozen little cod loins  Thaw, sizzle, just a little, Lovely huge white sweet onion? You know it's there in the back. Chop up, add some excess pickle juice from the bread 'n butters. let it become companionable in fridge. Chop some green scallion tops, add the 1/4 cup leftover breakfast oatmeal, an egg, shake about some Old Bay (Delaware roots), Still too soupy? Add plain Panko. Mm. Use mom's old ice cream scoop with the lever and dump out on pan of more Panko, flip, flatten, add oil to pan, put on warm, dump scoops of gorgeous Panko-ed and etc cod, flatten evenly, and just before serving WHOOMP up the temp, watch it now, WOW we're cookin'! Flip back and forth until just so, dance and find your little glass of dumb wine, find the or make the Tartar (read first:, sauce a little mayo will do with whatever pickle is left, no fuss, HOOT for the family just ending watching evening news we don't care whose, just gist; and GATHER YE ROUND.
Daily overwhelm:
The lost chord. Infinite calm.
Our discordant life.

Webster Booth. Clara.
ButtBenjamino Gigli.

Coming strife.
Harmonious echo.
Fevered spirit.

Soul of the organ.
Death's bright angel. Speak again.
In that chord. Amen.

Cook as ye must, for
Inner lives of caretakers?.
Taken for granted.

Of gone generations, sounds,
Can reach some of us.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Oppose confirmation rubber stamps. Is there any Manafort connection in foreign policy matters, for example.

Paul Manafort watchers want to know if he has any role or political relationship with Trump and Trump people now, or in the works. Where does he put his exerting his energies and funds now? Is any entity paying him. His name was on a Ukraine oligarchy remuneration notation list.  The former Trump campaign head was forced out in August 2016 after his name appeared on a remuneration list, Ukraine oligarchs, see Washington Post.

Vet for connections. Gilded appointees to Trump positions await their 5 minute hearings, sans vetting, sans tax returns, sans inquiries into relationships, sans everything. No.

Activities log;  He took time off (doing what?), then tweeted in November 2016 predicting a Trump win. Manafort is still loyal, and that counts, see,  Is Manafort being considered for other reward, like an ambassadorship somewhere that would not get much scrutiny in a 5 minute rubber stamp? That is how it's done. Instant rehab opportunity. See

In December, then, he got support.  Russia sided with Manafort by accusing Ukraine of sabotaging the Trump campaign:  Russia contends that Ukraine  1) Planted fake news about Manafort;  2) Trashed Trump on social media; and  3) Leaked records about Manafort. See  Time for irony.

Paul Manafort  activities timeline since? Has Donald Drumpf or someone in his cadre sought out consultations, entered into quid pro quos? Paul Manafort -- still in line to collect the big one, COD, in the shadow worlds.

Take it, Paul. Make a deal. Pay some 70% of its gross before-tax value, the gross valued in the currency or specie as given, to a fine organization like the VA and receive immunity from criminal prosecution or civil penalty, on any grounds, if he does so demonstrably and within 90 days of receipt. Such arrangement shall not bar actions based on past tax returns.
  • Go, Paul. Do the right thing.

Even if Manafort is getting no more money, his services already have been substantially rendered. Is it predictable that he will enjoy reward, in specie maximumibum (maximumibus?) to be woven undetectably into other things.  We have a fine ambassador in Ukraine, She is one to brief Trump on Russia's activities and intentions there.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trump in folktale world where everybody dupes. Defend and contain. Oops. Too late?

Cultural Tales and Insights

A. Value of folktales: learn by immersion; what works or not; admire wits, persevere
B. Lessons in tales: roles of secrecy, folly of seeking shortcuts to good rule, traits to beware
C. How dupers dupe: persuasion, know your amygdala, and how to defend

A. Value of folktales for the hardened, grizzled pol, as well as the child.

It is too late to delay the marching process in our own politics, but the lessons of folktales may steer us from deepening folly.  Legitimacy has long been a human social concern.  Where the issue is not birth legitimacy, but electoral process legitimacy, and qualifications, fitness legitimacy, the tales should be read closely. Since acts and assumptions of  folktales, fairy tales, have blurred into reality (there are no facts, there is only reaction, even extreme reaction (amygdalaand how to exploit it, harness it with dastardly and heroic stories), why not explore that world. There may be no lemmings that commit group governmental system suicide, but that does not stop people from doing so, voting for it, is that so?  Is that a joke?
B.  Lessons in tales.  See the fact pattern of the story type seen in The Emperor's New Clothes. The familiar one is Hans Christian Anderson's version, altered for Scandinavia. These are the things that trigger tales, and trouble.

1.  Self-reporting by self-interested persons.  It does not work out well. One lesson that dominates this line of folktales is the process and folly of  a)  a leader relying on the self-reporting of self-interested courtiers and denying his own experience, and even concealing it;  or  b) courtiers relying on the self-reporting of the leader and tailoring their own reports to fit what is wanted; or  c)  the people relying on either ruler or the annointed courtiers, and finally it is the people who come to their senses. Nothing is learned by the King, Emperor, Courtiers, Checkers.  They sally forth as before. No change. Don't mention the issue and let it obliviate. But it won't. Charmed, I'm sure, but only for now.

A self-interested self-reporter will tailor the report to his own interests. The testees all test out the same way:  tell the ruler what he wants to hear. Testees stick together.  Now, think the high-level duped ones, if only that child, or man, who spoke out about no clothes on the Great One, and had remained silent, all would be well.  Find that person. Arrest him. Beat him. Make him recant. Prison. There. Done. When in doubt, incarcerate. When need to feel superior, incarcerate.
  • Today on self-disclosure.   A president-elect insists (with success) that only his self-reporting will constitute his financial and business obligation-conflicts disclosure. Virtually no access to documents will be provided. Debts, how he has profited and will profit personally (including his corporate interests, to remain under his purview) from the office, hooks into him or not? No tax returns or anything much?  Ask how the self-reporting idea worked out in tales of leaders elsewhere, Not well. 
    • Self-reporting may be fine in trivia where the reporter has no self-interest on the line, and the issues do not really matter. Not otherwise.
    • Expecting others to rely on his own self-reporting without vetting is also folly. The big one, Elizabeth. Duping don't last. Disclosure do. 
2.  Demanding Secrecy. The character in a folktale who relies on secrecy often is outwitted.  There will be leaks, workarounds.  Tale: The ruler is told to keep the magic of the cloth secret. He cannot. Even to get advice he has to reveal.  A request for it should set off alarms. See moral at King and the Three Imposters. Of all the possible lessons from that tale, the specific moral is only to be wary of those who require secrecy. The secret will out. See

Corollary. Transparency.  This is like coming to a wink-wink understanding with a foreign power, trying to keep it from the press, and then finding videos and recordings of, you get the idea. Or hiding tax returns. 

3.  Doggedness. Creates one's own problems by failing to discern when a course correction is less damaging than pushing a losing idea through.  The King had doubts all along, and refused to trust his own instincts.  

4.  Playing fast and loose with truth.  Master fibbery, as is required in any rankist system. To lie may well be the way to advance, cover one's own tail in the tale, and when the system is hierarchical, downplays roundtable give and take, keeping the top position, or staying where one is, is all.

5.  Discerning Legitimacy -- (however defined).  Status, hierarachy, privilege and limits to opportunity. It is a preoccupation of rulers: Rankism.

5.1  Noble birthThe Invisible Cloth (Spain) * (legitimacy of birth, conceived properly between proper parents between approved sheets, no bastards, no bastritas, and to be tested by the testee's ability to see the weaver's cloth. See also:
5.2  Hans Christian Anderson in the Emperor's New Clothes was not concerned with birth rank for a Scandinavian culture.  His Emperor instead, in line with the culture, sought a shortcut to discerning who was intelligent, competent. 

Immigration policy fosters definitions of legitimacy: who is properly here, who is worth keeping here, who should be pitched.

6. Cuckoldry  Not of much interest today, but a cuckold was low on totem pole. See The Miller with the Golden Thumb (England) (cuckoldry to be tested by the visibility of the golden thumb of the miller; no good old cuckold can see it)  Cuckold coming to us from the 13th Century. Does the beleaguered gent see the cloth. If not, he wears the horns.

7.  Wits. The King and the Clever Girl (India). Here, apparently, a matter of inherited right to rule is an issue, traditional;  but there is a delegitimizing factor: whether the king will lie. The recourse to intellectual wit is different from the recourse to violence in Fitcher's Bird, above, but the circumstances were also different.
  • In the King and the Clever Girl, there is a complication. A person may start out legitimate, but lying can delegitimize. Hmmm. The King says he never lies. Ho! Read this one.
  • A lowly girl gets the King to swear he will never lie. Then she promises to prove that he indeed will. She is paid to do so. Aha. 
    • And she calls on the King to come see the abode of God, that is visible only to the legitimate. All, of course, want to be seen as legitimate, and claim to see it, including the King. And then, and then....
      • Tehee, quod she (Miller's Tale at l.3741, not related to #3 above), and clapt the window to.  I got you to lie. God is a spirit and no-one can see God, etc, so he was impressed and married her. 
        • Rats. She gets status but a tether.
Legitimacy issues and lying, all in one. A culture can choose which qualities will delegitimize a leader, a courtier.
  • Who is really legitimate?  Populism: The people know. The people know.  And that can humiliate the leader who depends on duping. Wits can legitimize, just as lying can delegitimize.  A game-changer. This is how the lowly get glory, to begin with, is that so. 
    • Wits. First sustenance, health, then wits can develop more freely. Deprivation starves wits, is that so? Is that part of keeping portions of the population underserved, not able to compete.

C.  How dupers dupe.

1.  The rulers and others duped were not stupid people. Neither were the courtiers. They simply were persuaded. Defense:  education, tools, practice, mobility and sustenance to keep hope alive, affirmed purpose in life.  Ridicule the duped? That is the way of autocrats. And we teach our children to laugh at those persuaded. Teach the follies of persuasion without vetting instead.  Do not go to time-wasters [invisible ink] [or here]. Our kids and we can handle the real deal. Use simpler words, perhaps, but as much from original documents as possible, minimum use of textbooks, keep the many facets of human stories there for an inquiring mind
  • Confirm for yourself how folktale hucksters get their way.  Coax Jack to sell the cow for beans. And sometimes it does work out (the beans just might be magical), if the dupe then has wits and believes. Persuasion is also malevolent: Watch the wicked sorcerer collect and victimizes girls (as old an issue as history itself), but then (an Upper!) one clever girl who puts 2+2 together in Fitcher's Bird, a bloody cycle of duping, buys time, and by wits, prevails. That tale is seldom included in modern anthologies. It does not fit the cultural role model requirement. Autonomy in thinking, an assertive, smart female. Girlz can fight. Girlz haz wits. Also a cliff-hanger. See again, persuasion.
2.  The methodology of persuasion:  much duping.

Persuasion can be and is learned. The folktale cheats are skilled. Persuasion is separate from merit of the thing touted. Persuasion slides into the lizard brain, whether to grab our attention in tales, or in politics. The world's folktales are indeed physical -- read one aloud with gestures and hugs and face-making. Like political speeches by our own trained, experienced persuaders, they are intended to manipulate.  The  amygdala engages. Read folktales. Watch TV politics. Watach the collective amygdala get roused at some rallies. Mere facts and argument cannot counter a busy amygdala.

3.  Current.  Who do you meet in the wood? Wolf, woodsman, someone in disguise out to getcha. Discern. Of all the lessons of folktales, current politics should be most concerned with the chameleonism, fibbery, persuasion unanchored in policy, secrecy, refusal to disclose finances, who perhaps has a hook in the president-elect, his putting his business profits first, the use of public office for private gain. Those tests should have rendered him "illegitimate" for the purpose. Never too late to raise perception, prepare to defend oneself against unmerited persuasion, awareness of options even for the currently downtrodden. 
Folktales: go under the radar at   


FN 1  Moorish Spain:  Count Lucanor; or, The Fifty Pleasant Stories of Patronio by Prince Don Juan Manuel See The racial angle emphasized on that site, as for black history studies, is relevant here because of the inclusion of the "negro" in a pivotal role, the role taken by the child in The Emperor's New Clothes. Moors: See research on ethnicity at  Would someone knowing both Spanish and English see what word is translated as "negro" in the story, and described as "he, having nothing to lose".  That is different in concept from the "child" in the Emperor's New Clothes where the inference seems to be that a child can be trusted to speak the truth, where adults dissemble and fudge in their own interest.

Get the Spanish and go from there, to check Dr. York's choice of description of the person who told the truth, as the next step.

 Illustrations: From The Ladies' Amusement,

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Separate merit from the made-up in political speech. Spot the viruses. How propaganda propagates. Fake news. The big lie. Fake news? now seen as new, really an old issue.

Voter defense course.
Sales and marketing techniques in political speech.

Fake news is again in the news with Comet Ping Pong. The duped voter syndrome.  A gullible person believed a political Big Lie and engaged in armed self-help, learning that he, and not the originator-disseminators of the lie, would be held responsible. So:  How to come to the aid of voters, to separate merit from the made up in political speech, spot how fake news viruses spread.  Update since the election, a victory for political sales and marketing techniques. Find out which worked best, and how, for next time.

Overview --

List A:  Propaganda techniques from the civilian WWII era information group, Institute for Propaganda Analysis 1937, SMU presentation.

List B:  Propaganda techniques from a WWII narrative, reflective presentation. Extrapolate an acronym ISSFOODR.  Hiss at the tactics, then get a bite to eat because what's an ordinary person to do?

List C:  Voter defense. Teach a process.
1. Spot the technique, the marketing, the sales tactic.
2.  Lift the curtain to see what is claimed. Then
3. Vet  the creds independently before you believe.

  • Politics is a marketed product. As with any other product being sold, check the creds. Are the claims fake, does the detergent work, what is the objective of the seller (close the deal). What is your objective? Don't get duped, as voters are.  Find reviews, comparison shop, vet before you buy.  
  • Journalists: Educate yourselves in history. These topics are not new.  Do more than report what is said, done.  That merely spreads the virus.

I.  Sales and Marketing techniques. 

List A - Clip and carry in your wallet. Extrapolate and follow topics, list from 1937 Institute for Propaganda Analysis, two presentations, Institute for Propaganda Analysis 1937 (academic, SMU), and the more colorful, at Focus on the techniques. Spot the technique. Any sales and marketing course of action uses them.
1. Name-calling:  Denigrate the other. The child's game of bullying, intimidating. Dangerous for unforeseen consequences  Check this site for its assertion that well over half the murders in the US stem from someone name-calling, see
2. Glittering generalities: Use words that grab attention, attract, but remain vague. See 
3. Euphemism: Make the nasty smell sweet. The Honeywagon. See
4. Transfer: This is the Morning Joe manipulation syndrome. See the set of waving American flags in the background, that are only brought up close when Joe Hisself is speaking. The good patriotic feelings of the viewer for the flag is supposed to transfer to Hisself regardless of his verbiage. See
5. Testimonial: The assessment of a candidate's health, or a used car, when unaccompanied by data for vetting is a mere unsupported viewpoint whose credibility rests on the credibility of the speaker as honest and trustworthy. Can't vet? You must reject. See example: Health of Trump letter.
6. Plain Folks: Trust me because I am a straightforward, regular, grounded person just like you. See
7. Bandwagon:  I am winning by so much, hop on board. Don't get left out. See 
8. Fear:  The Granddaddy element in propaganda. On a hierarchy of human needs, see Maslow's listing, fear and lack of sustenance will prevent an individual from moving on in other areas of life, as toward self-actualizing, independence. Deprive people of safety and keep them in fear means control over them. See the evolution of this concept at 
9. Bad logic.  See examples at Google
10. Unwarranted extrapolation.  Too little data supporting a vast conclusion. If you snap your fingers at breakfast, no elephant will charge you that day.
Journalists:  Start using the searchable terms. Add the colorful Edward Bernays. See .  Common core education for journalists.

List B -- The reverse side of your clip and carry.

This listing derives from a reflective narrative of a master propagator.  My Struggle, at chapter 6. It offers some similar, but some more complex concepts in propaganda. See weird acronym:  ISFOODR Defense System; extrapolations.  Make up your own acronym. Whatever is needed to remember each one. Issfoodr here: Think Hissy fit. Then go get some Food, some comfort, from a bite to eat, because this miasma of persuasion is all around us all the time.

1. Induce fear, including fear of superior identity loss, if the opponent prevails

2. Spin; including sloganeer to frame the opponent in emotionally negative terms whose catchy phrases stay memorable

3. Scapegoat - the Big Lie; claim repetitively that the opponent is responsible for all ills, regardless of fact. Obama is responsible for all fires.

4. Focus on the masses, and ignore arguments of intellectuals; show pride in the uneducated nature of supporters

5. Obstruct inconvenient facts; suppress what argues against your position. The Mitch Pitch.

6. Obliterate humanitarianism, promote self;  each person for himself; I got mine, rule of tough. See

7. Do not debate on merits.  Delay and pock the tennis ball back in the other's court rather than answer. Analogy from Kellyanne Conway, campaign advisor to Trump

8. Repeat. 

List C.  Voters can do what they can, or want to, to spot the technique, analyze the claim, decide whether to buy. But it takes more.  Access to computers, Wire the country, open branch libraries or internet cafes everywhere with computers, incentivize inexpensive devices.

1. Demand of yourselves a good history education. Persuasion is not new. Lend me your ears. Go ahead, nibble on the fruit, you'll be fine. Surely you can help people identify the viruses in speech instead of merely parroting what someone said.
2. Demand fact bases for assertions, details of funding required and sources proposed
3. Spot and inform voters of the danger of demands by politicians for support, including financial and emotional, based on promises without fact-bases, plans for implementation and reasons.
4. Spot and inform voters of the dangers of giving personal information at the outset of a website, before you even know if you support the site. Spam central. Sales opportunity for the site in selling your information.
*   Connecticut graveyard, near Nathan Hale Homestead, Coventry CT

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Trump Bawdy Language Defense. .

Trump Cats

Act 1. Background.

With reference to current news item, political year 2016, Donald Trump must come up with some defenses to his use of "pussy" to diminish the autonomous dignity of women and turn them merely into mechanisms for his own pleasure, see

Possible defenses: In issue.

Act 2. Defenses.

First, the Nursery Rhyme defense.   It could be said that, since "I love little pussy," is a nursery rhyme, see,  that the reference by Candidate Trump is harmless and since it references historical England, is also heightened diplomacy.

    •  If the nursery rhyme term is so deplorable, then why still allow it in children's books, a term there since the 1800's?  See flaw in that claim of defense for Trump, at Politicalimericks; and move on to another defense, secular commonplace.

Second, the Secular Commonplace defense, historically.
    • Could it then be said that the term "pussy" is also excusable by one who seeks the highest office in the land, to be a world leader, because the term is commonplace historically in adult limericks? 
That fails if we look only at limerick use.  The earliest reference I find so far is from 1942:  Check The Limerick 1700 Examples, with Notes, Variants and Index, Castle Books, The Famous Paris Edition, Complete and Unexpurgated, this edition from 1978-79.

      • Limerick there, #131 at page 28, displays the term  Here, fair use of one limerick out of some 1739 total:  Is this enough to make the term mainstream and acceptable?
"A chippy who worked in Black Buff  [where/what is that?]
Had a pussy as large as a muff.
It had room for both hands
And some intimate glands,
And was soft as a little duck's fluff."

It may succeed as a defense, that the term is indeed "commonplace" if we look at derivations and usage in history?

No, it fails on that ground, although usage is increasing in the way Trump envisions. References to specific anatomy seem to arise only in the 1800's, and late.  See Etymology of pussy at
  • In the 1580's: a term of endearment for the lady, cat, puss, a rabbit. Effeminate men were also so referenced.  It was not a specific sexual term, however until the late 1800's; and even then, was still used merely as an endearment.  
        • See other speculative early linguistics analyses, site. 
Act 3. Provenance

Where did this limerick #131 come from, and are there more?

Sources.  Look up the source bibliography for Limerick 131, That Immoral Garland, see
"That Immoral Garland". 1941. From the Sign of the Lampadophore. n. Manuscript Bawdy. 106. C. F. McIntyre. "Being a collection of previously unpublished limericks from the literary remains of my uncle, who gave me permission to offer them ten years after his death." Berkeley, CA, 1942."

    • This provenance, That Immoral Garland (MS), is also set out at The Limerick, Sources, at a non-numbered page immediately preceding page 1, and after the Editor's Note. at the beginning.

Act 4.  Variations:

That Immoral Garland source also provides a variant, but the variant (like a second verse here, not a substitute for the first), is at page 380 of The Limerick.  The date is also 1942, however. Still not enough to excuse the use from verse 1 as commonplace.

Why not just do a search?  The Limerick, unfortunately or fortunately, is not online as a google book, but has to be reviewed in its great tactile wonder.

Accordingly, there is no way to do a search for a particular term, and there are 482 pages to search.  I just went to the obvious section, II. Organs.  There are XVIII categories in all, any of which could include the term Mr. Trump used. See The Limerick at Index, Subjects, page 484.


None, except visceral revulsion at the usage by anyone seeking high office, particularly where that kind of usage and related behavior are not unusual.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Arab naming. Abd al-Nashiri. Injustice in Limiting Facts Revealed. Will There Be Justice. Unified Media Ownership. Defense. Lockstep Partial Reporting, and Injustice Pending?

Update August 2016.  One of the men waterboarded at Guantanamo, Abu Zubaydah, has applied for release.  It is time. He is referenced at section II here, among other detainees.  Proceedings:  See there.

Abd al-Nashiri. Let him go. It is time.
Post 5/15/2015

Update from 2011 to 2015 to the topic: Justice-injustice status of one Abd al-Nashiri, accused planner of bombing of USS Cole in 2000, Yemen. Has general media coverage included more facts, equities, in analysis.  Does unified media ownership or cross media ownership of news outlets reduce or increase fact and equity coverage. First look at status of case:  see New York Times at 

In particular, what happened to the money Poland was ordered to pay to former inmates (that would include Mr. al-Hashiri) for human rights violations by CIA, see below. *  How can that be used to further his cause?

See also People from the Guantanamo Files. FN 1
Injustice conclusion so far: Our system labels the guilty as a conclusion before the legal and equitable facts are in; and in the process disregards major principles of equity in favor of harsh interpretation of legal concepts convenient to guilt.
I.    Summary - Treatment of Mr. Al Nashiri, Evidence destroyed, equities disregarded
II.   Why look - Every person's trial is our own trial.  Military tribunals usurp rights too broadly, and are not working except to impose ongoing incarceration, see

III.  How did this happen? Contribution of unified media ownership: news feeding from same tainted troughs.
* Needed:  full exploration of black sites, foreign prison facilities used by CIA; Poland already paying hundreds of thousands to former inmates (document status of payment to Mr. al-Nashiri) pursuant to European Court of Human Rights violation finding, see

IV.  Choices now.  None easy, we made it worse, but release.  Mr. al-Hashiri has been subjected to gross CIA abuses, see

V.    Examining the case of Abd al Rahim al Nashiri:  Use of torture against Mr. al-Nashiri should preclude further prosecution, see Release to another country specifically feasible. And further investigations seem to point to same conclusion, see NYT topics site.
       A.  Acts
       B.  Clues to justice, equities, from his name if Yemeni town referenced.  Arab naming customs, our ignorance.
       C.   Role of media in highjacking public opinion
       D.  Larger issues of unified media ownership
VI.  How does selling the public ahead of time impact on the issues
VII.  The role of leaks. It took leaks to get al Nashiri's situation out there
APPENDIX - Filing cabinet of source material, thoughts, war crime issues and definitions.
FN 1  Guantanamo files, sites

I.  Summary: 

Background of Mr. al-Nashiri.

Abd al Nashiri was captured 2002 in Dubai, accused of planning the bombing of the goodship USS Cole while in harbor in Yemen.

His name references a Yemeni town, possibly showing his own Yemeni connections even though he was born in Mecca.

He was flown to Afghanistan to a CIA prison known as the "Salt Pit".  He was moved to a secret CIA "facility" in Thailand where he was twice waterboarded (torture).  He was moved again in December 2002 to a secret CIA "facility" in Poland where he was subjected to techniques unauthorized by Justice Department Guidelines (what were those techniques? more torture?) (see YouTube and Al Jazeera video on US Black Sites, and Al Nashiri).
CIA evidence, the interrogation tapes, were destroyed. Those would have supported, possibly, claims of torture, adding to the legal and equitable argumemnts against the United States at trial. Destruction of evidence also destroys a possibly substantial defense.

Trial activities go on nonetheless.  Even Wikipedia narrates claims of waterboardings, faking executions with drill and pistol, etc., see 2005 Interrogation Tapes Destruction.
So, what tactics did the US directly use against al Nashiri: The Times should report on that in the same article as it reports on a pending trial. See CIA Interrogation Report (power drill and pistol used in mock execution).
  • The destruction of evidence issue so far has been avoided. See CIA Director Skirts Questions on Destruction of Tapes (2007) This destruction of evidence issue does ring a bell. This whole thing is like the Gong Show anyway.  Update needed here.
  • Legalities Pending: Military tribunal now set for Guantanamo, failing Administration efforts to bring Guantanamo inmates to the territorial United States for civilian trials (Congress: NIMBY).
Does this qualify as a war crime? See issues at  Ordinary person reading:  this does not arise to level of war crime as defined.
Journalism:  please rise to the cause of information. We researched, conclude Mr. al-Nashiri had more right to be in Yemen than the US. See Accountability, war crimes, International Criminal Court issues.
  • Al Nashiri.  We have a Mecca-born person with other "extremists" (how to define?) in the family, with a name suggesting a Yemeni town, in Al Queda attacking a US Ship anchored off the shore of Yemen.
  • If convicted, he could be executed.
  • Where are the equities? He already has been quasi-convicted, by the move to a military tribunal forced by the obstructors) do events since the bombing weigh in on the sentence.
  • Where does torture fit in? Has he served enough and have we made it worse? Have we ever considered seriously the merits of the views of those whose lands we invade, injustice and tyranny seen by others as to us, see The Guardian UK, Al Quaida, bin Laden re September 11
  • Examination of the name of Abd al Rahim al Nashiri suggests that he himself has Yemeni connections, with a town there.  If so, his act in planning (if he did) the bombing of our goodship Cole in harbor at Yemen was nationalism, not terrorism. And we were well warned to stay out. How do we define those terms. 
Look at equity: reasons for someone doing what he did. Clean hands of the accuser, all that. The act?   If our presence was unwanted, has he some justification in trying to get us out.  Do we as a nation and a culture with an unwelcome presence in other lands, have clean hands. What is the role of our colonial-type corporate interests in running foreign shows at the expense of the people there. Is that been our history. Jockeying ensued. Look at al Nashiri from equity as well as law. 

Ask: When does a nationalist become a "terrorist." And in a land where his name suggests roots. He has been waterboarded and kept in Guantanamo for over five years.
II.  Why look?

Every citizen has a stake in the legal and effective functioning of our prisons, status and conditions of our inmates, veracity of our information.

Are we all, and our interest in transparency, held hostage by collusions of big media and salesmen.  Abd al-Nashiri. Some leave out the hyphens.  Al Nashiri.  By way of update, he has been kept at Guantanamo for five years now, as of December 31, 2011.  He is among the waterboarded, along with Abu Zubaydah, and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.  Research is complex because spellings vary in putting the phonetics of one language into another. See  Are we kept  'Catfish in the Muddy Dark' -- Loren Eiseley's apt description. At least there are some updates:  see the chronology at

III.  How did this happen? Is this so?
Big Media highjacks public opinion by limiting what is reported. Talking points, persuasion, shape public opinion, before analysis. That profit-driven motivation deprives us of our right to assess for ourselves. Cross and unified ownership serve revenue and power control issues, at the expense of a fiduciary, thorough and informative journalism
The debate takes many turns. Big Media deserves the hot seat. Update:  New York  Times Finally On Board. NYTFOB: courtesy of Murdoch Scandal, see Scandal Stirs U.S. Debate on Big Media,

IV.  Choices now?  None easy, but one is right. 

If our own acts in turning people even more against us, by our treatment/abuses at our prisons and others elsewhere to whom we send people, can we use that as justification for refusing to let them out now.  If we caused the horror show of the mindsets of our prisoners now, we take the consequences. But let them out, after trial, and if the trial cannot be had fairly, let them out also.  Justice or injustice?
Update on fairness: the hearings are to be closed, at Guantanamo, see; and
V.  Examining the Case in Point Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri -
A.  Acts.

He engaged in terrorist acts, say the documents. See sites at caption. Ask, does the US have clean hands. What provocations, corporate and military, over time, led to the spread of terrorism against the west. Fast update on provocation issue, upon learning of the killing of Osama bin Laden. What triggered the attacks?  "In 1991, Bin Laden bitterly opposed the introduction of U.S. troops onto bases in Saudi Arabia during the run-up to the first Persian Gulf War, which ousted Saddam Hussein's Iraqi troops from Kuwait." LA Times on Death of Osama bin Laden.
B.  Clues to justice in the name al Nashiri.

Explore Naming Customs, Components of Names, Arab Culture: Nashiri looks Yemeni.  Is the name Yemeni? Vet it. It weighs in on the case. Does that affect the equities, if a Yemeni connects with a bombing of our ship anchored, and not welcome, off Yemen.
We found that the "Nashiri" is the same as a town in Yemen. If Mr. al-Nashiri, as the NYT calls him, is Yemeni in background although born in Saudi Arabia, would that not add to his defense as a human being, weighing in his favor in his efforts to oust interlopers (Cole anchored off Yemen). If this is a war (is it? as of when?), and he is a prisoner of war, wasn't he just doing his job. Have to find out more about the charges. The updates 2011 suggest he could be executed for his acts,
The Name of the Man. Arab naming customs. Culture interest.
Naming customs.
In the West, a name can echo a family ethnic past, be changed rather easily, and even become a source of entertainment. See Musings on Donald Trump. The Donald's Name.
In the Middle East, it appears as though the name is functional, aspirational and informative as to roots. Not to be toyed with, with our tasteless puns. A name is serious and to be treated with respect.
However, we don't even look into it, through mainstream press. Who is Al Nashiri. Is he properly called that. Where is he from. Our own research in the abdication of the Times: Conclusions as set forth here -- He is from Saudi Arabia, but of Yemeni descent, see Probe of US Cole Unravels (2008)
  • Start with the name as given in the NYT here, a truncated version but a starting point. Go to this informal Arab Culture, Arab Names, A Start. Find that there are patterns in naming, components with functions:
 Components of a name

1. The ism, or personal proper name. It is not used in usual discourse (see site for discussion)
2. The kunya, an honorific, as mother or father of another individual. Where a full name is laid out, the kunya comes before the ism. For westerners, easy kunya designations are um for mother of, bint for daughter of, or abu meaning father of.
3. The nasab, or pedigree. This comes after the ism in speaking.
A common nasab is ibn, which means son of. In some cases, ibn becomes ibi, and sometimes bin replaces ibn, as in Osama bin Laden, see site.
4. The laqab, for aspirational qualities. This follows the ism, and is shown in al-Rashid, for the Rightly Guided, see site for more. The laqab can be another person to be emulated, or show a relationship: abd for a man as servant of, or amat for a woman as servant of; or the laqab can be another name of Allah
5. The nisbah, for occupation or tribe. This can be al- and then a geographic name, for example where someone was born, or a lineage, see site for placement. If there is a nasab, it comes after the nisbah. Some people are known by the nisbah.

Carol bint Howard Unquenchable al Blogger al Immigrants?
Context here:
Does the naming custom tell us more about Al-Nashiri? We will need all the information we can get for a credible conclusion either way, because we have made a mess of this so far. See Probe of US Cole Does this naming help us with the Abd in the Times nomenclature Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri? The Abd looks like short for Abdullah, or Abdul. But we see above that it as a laqab means a man who is servant of.
    Look up the next: the al-Rahim.
Go to Google maps, search Saudi Arabia and Rahim. Find Ibn Abdul Rahim and other names. Ibn Abdul Rahim. Son of Abdul Rahim. And many other names in differing combinations. That was a first click. Go to other countries and put in names, and see what comes up. We did not because we found in other sources that he is from Saudi Arabia, born in Mecca, see below. Saudi Arabia it is.
Add the al-Nashiri.
Nashiri does not come up on that Google map so far. Go to the same search on the Web. No luck. But we do find that, contrary to the limited information in the Times, there are other names.
  • Muhammad and Hussayn. Only on our own search do we find the man's full name, including the aspirational names, the Muhammad and the Hussayn (familiar) and the as well as his home country-- Abd al Rahim Hussayn Muhammad al Nashiri of Saudi Arabia
  • Abd - laqab - man who is a servant of; need to find out more.
  • Al Rahim -- we did find a Rahim in the Google map search for Saudi Arabia Nashiri
AP as copped by the Times could not even tell us the country of origin, or the aspirational names.
  • Find the aspirational names and look them up: Hussayn, means doer of good deeds, beautiful, descended from the prophet, see Arabic Masculine Names: Hussayn
  • Muhammad: Praised, praiseworthy. This is the name of the Prophet. See Arabic Masculine Names, Muhammad
  • Hussayn - doer of good deeds
  • Muhammad - aspirational, name for the Prophet
We learn elsewhere that Al-Nashiri (what else to call him? someone please ask) he is of Yemeni descent, see Maars Net: Capital Charges brought Against Abd Al Nashiri.
So keep looking for Nashiri and turn to Yemen.
  • al Nashiri
There it is. The place is Aslam an Nashiri, Hajjah, Yemen -- so, there is a place with that name in Yemen, see Google maps. Do a search for Nashiri Yemen.
Back to names.  They inform in some cultures, not just identify.  Do your own research. From labels defining a person, go to names and naming. Do names matter in the culture, the story. Who is Abd al-Nashiri: Roots from Nashiri? Where is Nashiri. Turns out to be a relevant point where the Cole was anchored off Yemen  The name, Arab culture naming customs, look on your own for biographical details that humanize, not demonize. Then ask, what is a war crime? Did he do one? Start at BBC on War Crimes  Does he fit?  Do we have clean hands.

C.  Role of media in highjacking public opinion
  • Media pretrial in public opinion: 
  • And he might be executed?? .
    He was arraigned in November 2011,; but something here is very wrong. What has been our provocation of "terrorist" acts -- when our presence in Arab lands is itself anathema to many of them. Do peoples have a right to their own resources, free of foreign corporations.
    Ask an ordinary amateur question that the media has not addressed, that we can find. If this is a war, a war against terrorism, and we have a prisoner of that war, on what ground do we prosecute the prisoner for doing his war job?
  • Is he guilty of a "war crime" or a crime against humanity a la Nuremberg, or The Hague?
  • And, for us, what is the case against the United States and its corporations and commercial activities in asking for it in the first place. This is not "not supporting the troops" -- and there are meritorious humanitarian activities also going on. But is a Yemeni-connected Arab at all justified in acting against military and economic exploitation in his countries?
  • We have fewer news sources and outlets, despite computer news and other technical devices.  Who has those devices? Those who can afford them.  That the better off have them is not justification for the unified and cross ownership -- until and unless all households have a computer and printer and money to keep them up.  Even news reporting is not by the paper or service's own people -- too many mystery bylines, or just "Reuters".  How many moles are in there, with their agendas. We have seen headlines in the paper paper changed in the online version. Who got in there? The issue there was citing references to old texts (Biblical) that challenge current dogma. Online, the challenging interpretation header was reframed as a nutcase; and it was not. Will find it. Who da mole? Who da censor?.
  • The Times through early use of the AP as the source this time is complicit:  It tells us some totally inadequate things about the pending trial of alleged Cole bombing planner, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. See New Charges Filed Against Suspect in USS Cole Bombing.
  • See how The Times has come to depend on the AP and other sources for even basic stories. Who is the AP?  Inquiring minds go to Wikipedia - . By way of update, the Times is now using more bylines, but that gives no more confidence in the objectivity of the source.  They need ads, revenue. That impacts on what is reported.  Conglomerate reporting delegation-mutual back-scratching.
So the name of al Nashiri never gets examined. It might undermine the case against him, is that so? AP at that time and Tribune papers and Sam Zell? He's already pulled down the Hartford Courant to an entertainment special. We check:  The Tribune Co. canceled with AP.  Ok. No wonder less news, even if it had been from the AP.
D.  Larger issue of unified media ownership, even though issue now seems to be lost.

Nonetheless, time, place and manner restrictions on First Amendment are fully justified where unified media ownership, and cross media ownership, limit and skew news available to Americans.  Revenue and power control issues usurp journalistic function:  1) threatens neutral information, and  2) loss of the sense of the fiduciary in the profession of journalism, and promotion of news substitutes for  3) entertainment and profits, see Unified Media Newspaper TV Ownership;

The threat to the public's access to information grows because we do not necessarily have all the facts from "elsewhere" when we read any paper and many are indeed limited to pulp. We need references in the article to sources to find where to look further. AP seems to be the most egregious unreliable source for detail apart from agenda. The conglomerate approach does not work to inform the reader. Reuters, Bloomberg, more reliable on details for a balanced issue; but how did that help al Nashiri?  Did they do their job for him?

VI.  How does selling the public, ahead of time, impact on the issues.

We see agenda rather than information in journalism in mainstream media.  We see predisposition for a guilt finding, and so search for information on our own. Do they think we are stupid, as a famous person once said.
  • For example:  What is he charged with?  A war crime?  How?
  • Needed:  journalism to lay out what is a war crime; how is an attack on a US ship anchored off Yemen, carried out by a Yemen-descended person born in Mecca; from a family deep into extremism (given the foreigners around their yards), is that so;  affiliated with Al Qaeda
  • Peacetime terrorism.  Is he justified in trying to oust, as no lesser measure worked during a long colonial period and exploitation era ongoing 
  • If he is Al Quada, as he apparently verifiably is, is attacking our ship a war crime; whose war; is it merely retaliation particularly where the US is probably at the lookin' post without invitation; and later guilty of real war crimes against Mr. Al Nashiri at least in waterboarding, we now know.
VII.  The role of leaks

It took leaks to get al Nashiri's information out. Did all that was kept secret have to be secret? See JTF-GTMO ASSESSMENT, NYT 4/15/2011 Guantanamo Detainees, publication Dept of Defense Assessment, waterboarding (herein JTF-GTMO). 

Note that pages 9-15 are blank -- is that where the CIA or someone then destroyed the evidence, oops, tapes destroyed.  Is there any assessment why we were and are in the Arab back yard anyway?  Just for oil? 
Update: That NYT publishing of the Department of Defense secret paperwork includes the fighting history since 1992 and history of his detention, and an additional name in the formal name of this individual we call "Al Nashiri" --
The information in JTF-GTMO stops at page 9ff, through all the blank pages at 15.
VIII.  Looking deeper into possible connections with Yemen

We see no mention of Mr. al-Nashiri having immediate family connections to Yemen (see below), and he was born in Saudi Arabia.  If the Nashiri that we think is a Yemeni town, is his family's connection -- that is a tie to the past, similar to many of us with ties to town names in countries of origin of immigrant ancestors. Still, a tie. 

If so, he has an additional commitment to his "old country" and that should be noted, as perhaps it is in the blank 6 pages. Why would that be redacted, if it is there?Is that too harsh against us?  Still looking. Don't let that gloom-filled overview stop you.
We may change our minds as we get more information. Meanwhile, find out something about Arab names, and context.
If the Al-Nashiri part really means "of Nashhiri, Yemen", are we correct in addressing him as "Mr. From Nashiri?"
Then call me "Ms. From New England."
 Did anyone ask a person of Arabic culture how they would address him? Is he really Mr. From Nashiri? Shouldn't we know?

Details, times, places, and accused of acting as "mastermind" in the 2000 bombing of the US warship Cole resulting in deaths. He is accused of war crimes and a military tribunal is set to try him in Guantanamo.  What justice will he get? This is important for ordinary people, because if our public opinion is already skewed, he will be tarred instead of tried.  That is already happening. He is already an evildoer in reporting tactics. See the mechanisms, largely political. Regardless of merit, one side is determined to obstruct any initiative of the one currently in the White House; and unified media ownership slants how that tactic is perceived.
Appendix.  Miscellaneous log, concerns. A filing cabinet.
America executes foreign nationalist organizers for activities against us who maintain presence in their lands, and in the foreign nation.  Is that so? Abd al-Rahim Al-Nashiri is accused of terrorist activities against the United States, see JTF-GTMO at page 7.
All we learned from the NYT in its article New Charges Filed Against Suspect in USS Cole Bombing was this: that Mr. al-Nashiri is an accused organizer of bombing of USS Cole, Al Queda connections, trial pending now in military tribunal. See extensive biographical information about his activities in the CIA files, see caption. News about him all sounds alike, AP usually lacking in detail. Reuters, Bloomberg, keep their depth.  TV, internet, radio, cross media. Same same. Owners' tentacles. AP and individual bylines, or independent services? The difference between hot dog and hash.

Can you see the components? Spin. AP disturbingly regresses to labeling - terms evoking western tradition of the evildoer -- find one and you have license to kill. Mastermind. Is that so?  True since the Crusades at least? What is the difference:  insurgent, terrorist, patriot, revolutionary, other. How does the label set the stage. AP differentiates not. Which of the AP execs is in charge of spin? There are good and varied organizations on AP's board. The end result when they neutralize each other is disappointing. Revenues down means the need to economize, but not when spin remains.
Rant on unified news continues -- Article: New Charges Filed Against Suspect in USS Cole Bombing.
Why rely on AP? This is the Times. The Times gives individual bylines so we can check who is reporting.  Not with the AP.  This sounds like Murdoch's people.  We know that Michael Golden of the Times is on the Board, but that should not reduce the quality of reporting in the Times as it is responsible for its selections if it can't provide its own reporting. See AP Board. See also the Wall Street Journal there, Gannet, they are all fast asleep in there together.  A stable for their own profit, not the public interest, is that so?
and NYT Topics: Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri 4/28/2011
As of the time of this writing: photos stressing foreign-ness; not just a mug shot. Journalism using highly colored words "mastermind", not just organizer or planner
  • Who:  An Arab-heritage individual named Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, shown in heritage-clothing to stress the point, the checkered-houndstooth head covering with circlet holding it on the head, mustache, beard.  
  • Descriptions:  Suspected "mastermind".  Oooh! Evildoer already.  He was an organizer.  Even use of that term suggests evildoer.  Only the evil are masterminds. Evildoers can be killed with impunity, in our traditional thought. Add "Mastermind" to the synonyms for Evildoer, see Many Words for Evildoer;  See also Rage against the Evildoer.  Now we turn the supposedly neutral designation of defendant into evildoer.  NYT falls into the pattern, ye Marplot Newspaper. An evildoer can be killed because he is not human, it used to be said. Nobody not a believer our way was human. The unsaved are expendable. Etc  Explore at .Crusades. Evildoers. License to Kill
  • What are his organizational affiliations, background?  No information from the NYT.  But Wikipedia has some, see and vet for yourself at  Until someone edits that differently, we see the man joining al Qaeda after several years' reluctance, see reasons and activities, Afghanistan against the Russians, and as to the Cole, planning it and getting bin Laden's approval, see site. Read further, find the forced confessions, redactions of matters because of that, what is left, etc.
  • What is his biography?  No information.  Go to Wikipedia (must we? yes) and find only that he was born in Saudi Arabia  Found out later he is of Yemeni descent (of interest because the Cole was anchored off Yemen).  What does his name mean?  ABD AL-RAHIM AL-NASHIRI .  Who is he?  See section B below for what we found
  • When:  Year 2000 originates issue for this individual, but other sources give a detailed context, see Jihad in Saudi Arabia
  • .What:  A bombing of an American destroyer, the Cole, and "involvement" in planning and preparing for attcking a French civilian oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden in 2002, one death of a crew-member, and released 90,000 barrels of oil (how much was spilled by BP in our Gulf? 4.4 million, see Oil Leak into Gulf of Mexico, BP (The Telegraph, UK))
Why did he act? Why does al-Qaeda act against us?  Was there provocation?  Somebody present, please, the antagonistic Arab viewpoint.  No information in the NYT AP article. So, leaving the NYT, we find a biography at Abd al Rahim Al Nashiri biography.

He was born in Mecca, and relatives and uncles and father had been "extremists". A family dedicated to a cause.  Are they justified?  See other versions of his name there also.  The NYT Topics: Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri 4/28/2011 does lay out now some areas of possible defense or mitigation:  was there a state of war going on, or is it peacetime terrorism (still, under what provation? over what period of time?), role of hearsay -- allowed in tribunals, says the Times, but would the Supreme Court uphold a conviction based on that.  Etc.
  • Provocation seems to be presence of the West intervening in Lebanon, with Israel, against Palestine. Is that so?  Need details here. This from the Guardian site below. Americans need information.
    .Where was the ship, and what was its purpose there?  No information.  We find out later that it was anchored off the coast of Yemen (Al-Nashiri is a Saudi, of Yemen descent, see name section below, and the Cole was part of the 6th Fleet that had been a red flag to Al Queda as to US support of Israel in Palestine and Lebanon. ://  Have to check why this attack is a war crime rather than merely a failed attack back against a force interloping, but that is clearly off base. Somebody would have argued that.
Who will write about why the Jihad movement is so focused against the United States at this time? Prepare a defense for the Guantanamo file people. Research if we did anything to provoke its precepts. This is a line of inquiry to pursue for education and policy reasons.  Muslims and Christians have lived together in many places in the world without big incident.  Why not in the Middle East now?  Look at colonialism, exploitation of resources, history.  Are we faultless. Maybe. Go look. If you were al-Nashiri, what would you have done? Who dares to prepare a defense for al-Nashiri and others. Who defines war crimes. This by way of update after publication in the Times of further names in the Guantanamo file 4/25/2011.
Prosecution of the US for war crimes.
We look forward to seeing reports on related coming Attractions for the US, perhaps: The International Criminal Court and this case of al-Nashiri.
  • Who is in charge now:  Convening Authority for Military Commissions, the body that presides over "war crimes" tribunals.  War Crimes?  Can those guilty of war crimes themselves now try those who were the targets of those crimes?  See Accountability and War Crimes
  • Who will prosecute the United States?  See site. Spain could.  Is that still an open issue?  Have to check. 

Tentative conclusion.

Where do these lead us:  the look at biography, an individual with ties to Yemen even though born in Mecca, whose family has been fighting foreigners for at least one generation back, attacking a foreign ship that is acting against Yemen interests and in the Yemen coast; in the context of Western invasions by corporation and army to get resources of the middle east;  the spin of the news exploiting our cultural predilection to find "evildoers" and once labeled, can kill them; and our torture of the "evildoer" we caught.

Is he a war criminal?  What war?  Who is where they should not be?

Bottom line so far:

War Crime for this man?  Define it carefully.  That takes more expertise than we have, International Criminal Courts and all the rest.

But torture is a war crime, admissions made under torture should not be admissible, our war crime is worse than the act of someone acting against foreign ships in his back yard, where those ships are acting against his interest, roughly is an argument.  Somebody research that. Time's running out.  And the facts are obstructed, still. Public opinion. Public opinion is meaningless without facts. As Loren Eisely wrote, see this overview at Loren Eiseley, Educator, Philosopher, Author, Naturalist - and Loren Eiseley, Remembrance,  in a fine phrase from "All the Strange Hours" that fits here: we are catfish in the muddy dark.  Loren Eiseley.  Man of peace, complexity, observation. We can all aspire, and keep our labels to ourselves, is that so?

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