Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Who is Handing You What News. Tainting News by Slanted Headlines. News Resolve: Find Primary Source First

Slanted News Framing as Propaganda
Who is handing you what news? 
Political Tactic: Disguise Persuasion as News

News taint. Who is feeding you? Do you swallow?  Will 2013 finally be a year when we citizens watch out for ourselves, avoid reading any article before going first to the original event record, skip articles with slanted headlines, highly emotional language or descriptions chosen to produce an "aghast" moment, committing the reader to a response before the article is even read.

Taint by framing is not news.  Taint is propaganda. Propaganda.  Somebody "rips" somebody else; somebody "praises self" -- conclusions that may or may not be warranted by the actual event.  Seek out and rely on primary sources instead.

Examine the difference:  News taint tries to frame primary source material so the reader believes the taint and never goes to the direct source.  Primary source material is direct from the original speaker, report, as close as can be obtained.  Eyewitnesses, film, video of the actual event, stats, results, historical or legal documents, empirical studies without agenda. See http://www.ithacalibrary.com/sp/subjects/primary

Secondary source material:  Trumpeting of an individual or group's analysis of a primary source matter.  Secondary sources are folks once removed:  the opinion about a primary source event, analysis of its impact, persuasion efforts to further an agenda of the secondary sourcer.

Resolved for 2013.  Primary source reliance;  secondary source opinions deferred.

Swallow no commentary until the most reliable primary source has been viewed, heard, read.

For example, for speeches and reports, skip the opinions and conclusions of others until full exposure to the actual speech or report.  Fiscal cliff:  skip opinions, news analysis (for example) on a primary source such as a direct participant in a system of negotiations, until the original speech or report is seen.  Start with President Obama reporting on progress in fiscal issue discussions in Senate and House.  One of many sites:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBsEfNe61qo

Then go too analyses,

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