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Sequester Tally. Capitol Cafeteria Queen. Sequester Austerity With Eggs.

 Sequester Tally
What is the response of entrepreneurs to Sequester?

Meet the Power behind the Capitol Cafeterias.
Eggs!  Let them eat eggs.

I.  Gustatory Weaponry: Downstairs Beats Upstairs

Me? I'm Nate Rudy's mother. And I say
No more pandering to cuts on Downstairs,
Without equal, visible cuts Upstairs.

I am Mom! The All-Powerful. This mom
Runs the Cafeterias 'neath the Cap.
And I say, We All Will Get Austere.

So:  Using my own mama's cooking book *
Depression era, austere times, warbucks
Already getting richer (soon, Pearl Harbor).

Plan: For duration of sequester, calc
At 3 meals a day for 100 days.
Enjoy! You Upstairs, lobby-lapping oafs.

Entrees, custards and souffles, canapes,
Appetizers, omelets, pancakes, sauces,
Garnishes, scrambled, creamed, poached, stuffed and baked,

Fried and in beverages, as salads,
Just wait! Tout no high fructose corn syrup
(Follow Mexico's lead), just real sugar.

Some sugar, only if must be added
For aforesaid custard. Note: no egg cream
Because that's not straight talk, just like Upstairs.**

II.  Eggs to the Rescue

I love eggs! Serve 'em up, traditional.
Even add caviar, anchovies, Life!
Not like guns, that live to make killing sport.

I rule here! For Sequester Duration,
Menu is eggs. That's it. You toffs Upstairs?
Learn lack of choice. Downstairs already knows.

Menu wars: 300 Ways to Serve Eggs,
O-Ridge-Nal. * One nine four oh. Reprints vary.
Ergo, I can review from my own book.

For a sampling in summary, delights
To come, and in time for Easter, ersatz
Love-your-neighbor deniers, FN 1.

III.  Musings.

Why? Dear son, Nate, he follows the Leader.
Hears Upstairs speak loud and often?  He'll join.
Lobbies, NRA. But he's still Downstairs.

Me? I see through things. Who really wins? The
Upstairs, duping the Downstairs. I will speak!
I filibuster for Downstairs. Queen rules!

See me flounce off, in my jazz jeans.  Surprised?
Not all over 60's, from the Downstairs,
Can be led to placard-stuffed Koch-buses.


300 Ways to Serve Eggs, 1940, edited by Ruth Berolsheimer, the Director of the Culinary Arts Institute, Consolidated Book Publishers, Inc., Chicago, and printed in the US of A.

**  Egg cream.  See The Bronx: Choc syrup, milk, seltzer, see


FN 1 Choices of seven at each day per type of meal.  Full range follows.


 Egg and caviar on celery root;  egg butter;.golden egg butter (with mustard); anchovy and egg (mash and spread on French toast and serve with half an olive on top); jellied egg canapes; surprise hors d'oeuvre (liverwurst - hollow it out, stuff with hard eggs and mustard and butter, serve on 1-sided toast); French style for the Secretary of State (like Scotch eggs, roll hard ones in light gravy and then in bread crumbs and deep fry and serve with tomato sauce); eggs in potato blankets (like Scotch eggs, but shape mashed around the bard ones, or mashed rutabaga, or Hubbard squash, or liverwurst) (also roll in croquette batter or shape into cutlets with onion juice and parsley); Mexican enchiladas for the House majority, and lots of breakfast eggs like Torta Carne with eggs, Catalan eggs, or a caballo (tomato/garlic/onion sauce, fry eggs, put each on a tortila, cover with cheeese, fried pepers and chopped avocado, serve with the sauce); eggs with black  butter (8 fried eggs, done in 8 T browned butter, add 4 tsp sherry); omelets (what you like); scrambled: eggs with sherry and orange;  hard ones with chipped beef and white gravy; scrambled matzoth (6 matzoth water-soaked, 4 beaten eggs, salt); and anything else in scrambled eggs;


 Baked:  put stuff in bottom of little ramekins. Surprise! eggs baked in potatoes.  Poached:  Eggs doremus sounds like a conclave, use little tartlet shells for eggs, chicken, mushrooms; eggs poached in white wine with roquefort; Chinese poached eggs, serve on rice and white sauce, with onion and celery; or serve in rice nests with cheese and olive sauce; sweet and sour eggs; creamed eggs (with the sauce): use anything and casserole it; scalloped eggs and carrots; eggs Ponce de Leon for our favorite state (casserole of chopped eg, mushrooms, white sauce, crackers, tomato juice, peppers, mushrooms, celery)(to get these you have to stand in line 8 hours); noodle oyster loaf with creamed eeggs; spaghetti with eggs.


 Entrees;  cheese and olive custard, macaroni and egg (somebody marked this with a pencil check). Salads: egg and liver ring; add eggs anywhere to anybody; egg and nut salad (eggs, pecans, olives, pimientos, mayo); sailboat salad with halved eggs, yolks mashed with tuna, worcestershire, mustard, stick triangles of American cheese on to like sails); jellied stuffed eggs (big on pickles); stuffed eggs in cucumber jelly; stuffed eggs in jellied bouillon. Stuffed eggs: with anything. Lots of anchovy. Yes! Sauces, garnishes: the usual. Beverages:  The raw department, beware --  egg lemonade (raw); lots of eggnogs, fruit juice fluff, cream of chocolate (moussey); silver fizz (a white, lemon juice, sugar, shaved ice, seltzer, lemon peel, maraschinos); Vermont Fluff, for Bernie's independents: 2 eggs, 1/2 c maple syrup, 1 1/2 C milk.


As this is austerity time, there will be no special requests, no substitutions, and you will, indeed, survive.

 That is all that is offered to most Americans anyway.

Upstairs thinks it does its job as to Upstairs policy-ramming, under its own conditions -- so long as

a) there is not a visible undue portion of the downstairs population, that either
b) succumbs before getting a job or healthcare or training for a job;  or
c) has to go around with wrist tied to opposite ankle for the lifetime in question. 

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