Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Leopold Bloom Goes To Washington. Fed Spending: Is It Loopholes? Wordsmith Armageddon

 Leopold Bloom Goes To Washington; apres Molly.
Wordsmith Armageddon.  Loophole Semantic Si.
Third Party Mascot. Fight the Bores

loopholes as spending yea nay yes I said yes I will yes I see government spending in loophole shut loophole no can do the great follow dots not reason NRA the Not Reason Ass-osh its loophones launder dues unduly money where banks go where dragons live say not spending as problem so told nonono mind say no vet loopholes problem is spending more than line budget why why see strand walkwalk people persuade people smooth words wordsmith tinkerer of words phishing swallow hook before the senses function R for reject factotum-led one with diverse responsibilities why they decide a general servant unaccountable ordinarily people wary not when taught trust seek safetyse or that will make safe fail safe source threat matters not from whence they were affrighted fear not how so instill fright for conformity people demand status guarantees no mat how social drones or exclusion

pinball Monkey Mind Buddha huff-post slant go leo lion of logic hold hat political wind milliner designer hats first women's 1530 Milan famous milliner milaner aha problem for propagandist seeking followers to agenda is the hat-wearing what if what if what if wha tiff people find which hat is really upon head of speaker from whence soldier-sniper costume fantasy hat ask NRA wants not-really-armaments rights just profits would sell lipstick to pig money where is cash going pleas please for more sinkhole of NRA coffers third party mascot need others bought charge breach pachydermdonkeys run fight bores

plain Joes where tusk tsk tsk i will help yes i buried futile dreams once hope me sinking not to worry more gunners waiting sink you sink me don't look behind curtains ostler hostler mules or hosses gets old loco-motives in and out of old roundhouses back in day NRA hustles beasts of burden gee-haw ha buy this that too loco in the motives loopholes for NRA public service corps sidekick mule add scrivener takes notes hidden camera recorder public copyist writer slip away thoughts gel before breakfast leak truth not evidenced but by acclamation of a groupthink assumption other people's religion secret speak know what assumption is ass u me that comes out of nowhere just people wanting to believe it like spending the problem when it's loopholes and where was Mary when she died nobody knows ideal for case of whoops up she went gotta love bulls ask then duck even PeterPaulMatthewMarkLukeJohn anybody else actually there nobody else said that happened same tinkering tin king ring prophets now profits

ask Julius Abdes Pantera on the front say yearned so long now you come tinkerers with lives loophole can't touch this laugh itinerant menders of worn out things like poor folks stuff what else needs mending like dogma or wear garlic or politics mantra more buddha monkeytalk garble believed because repeated repeated peat ted p p p needs mending but once ensconced, get a webster weaver yo daniel old politics called statesmen then noah of blue book hope in who is Francis can he weave or not tell warp from woof take on curia walls like costumed NRA of adopted self-interest credo what if the people want simple religion like old Peter follow model simple who cares we rule say Pharisees still do and what matters is ropes he can tighten like NRA org com edu with dependable non-vetting patients seeking the offered treatment for angst a gun a prayer with eyes shut not to see where the money goes assume assumption because truth we get comes by acclamation so all the warps can warp and woofers can woof in rational protest or trying to rise from being hit get back down there kids women run where care for results economists decide to blend  address semantic sin fight pretending one thing means something entirely else powers repeat government spending as problem government loopholes are the problem tax code watch bouncing ball more direct spending indirect in perception so key in the pomp obfuscation perception is all so Pope NRA Politics preach manufactured truth out of nothing but wishes ways for the powerful to stay there with their profits so Pope Sir address the semantics that keep rationality out of clerical legislation for dogma and go Lady Feinstein now try tax ammunition compel insurance get disclosure who got paid special interests love wordsmith will turn what they do into what they say you do and can you handle vats in Va sin vatican and its correlation at the curia the Roma Curia NRA in effect we hope Pope back what old Peter would have done skip Paul the usurper Jerome's agenda vulgate turned canon like cannon like constitution product of agenda words to prove a point not tell truths changeable molly changeable follow molly not people paid would not approve o molly yes rocky road to doublin'

religious loopholes energy drain rationales ration all everybody loves close loopholes system thrives interests claw back you me semantics ladder out must climb must musth pachyderms won't secrets wait

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