Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tax Exemptions. Remedies for Agency Misinterpretation. Writ of Mandamus 501c4. Plain meaning. Nemesis of IRS 501(c)(4). Use Equity Writs to Compel Authority

Update IRS. In sum, the Tax Code at roughly USC 501(c)(40, provides for tax exempt status to organizations exclusively engaged in charitable activities.

Instead, the IRS unilaterally (by malicious intent or inadvertence or incompetence) mis-interpreted the meaning  of exclusively to mean "primarily".  That opens the door to whether or not a group engages in 49% political (tax exemption) or 51% political (no tax exemption), and thus engaging in not enough charitable activities.

Can The People file a Writ of Mandamus to compel IRS to implement statutes as written, not with wording changes to suit them.  At issue is the statutory wording, that tax exemption only follows exclusive

This kind of Writ has been, or is in process of being filed.  See
Time to Call for The Horseman of the Tax Apocalypse.
and Support His Writ of Mandamus.

Misinterpretion of Statute: Misimplementation. See 26 USC 501(c)(4), 501(c)(4), 501c4. See  IRS seeks relief and funding; and IRS materials at

As to Writ of Mandamus
 28 U.S.C.A. § 1651(a) provides that courts "may issue all writs necessary or appropriate in aid of their respective jurisdictions and agreeable to the usages and principles of law."


1.  Remedies.

1.1  Effectuate a retroactive adjustment to erroneously granted tax exemptions.  This would take help eradicate the deficit and should meet with bipartisan support.

1.2  Halt all unilateral IRS interpretation that, on the face of the terms, shows substantial deviation (deviates! deviates!) from plain meaning. From this moment on, all applications actually approved to date shall extinguish on September 1, 2013 and be subject to further review.

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